Philosophical Tacos

Reflections on hosting a philosophical tacos night: food-for-eat and food-for-thought

Isabella Grandic
5 min readDec 2, 2022


An Endless Sky

Feeding people is my form of relaxation. Unfortunately, my Balkan roots make me a bit of a crazy woman when it comes to hosting. I try to do a bit of everything (think: 10 meal options, 6 drink varieties, 4 deserts, and so forth… for 5 people over). While my guests are eating, I pay attention (in an almost stalker-ish way) to everyone to ensure they’re having a good time.

I really love caring about other people and I think it’s especially awesome when they know they’re cared for. This is why I host like this, in an obsessive, option-oriented and unscalable way. I want people to feel seen, special and full!

Hosting people massages shivers up my spine: it’s like the feeling of sitting under the stars, speechless, in awe, and wishing the moment — the view — could last forever. Except I am in the sauna of my own kitchen with a CN-tower-of-dishes and no breathtaking view of the universe :)

Whenever someone says, “Thank you for having me, I seriously had a great night,” it sprouts a joy akin to my first time seeing a shooting star.

Tacos 🌮

Recently, I hosted a philosophical tacos night. Phenomenal turn out: good conversation, food (I think) and people 🤙.

The ‘recipe’:

  • ~7 people, all from different social circles. Most knew of each other, but not well, so it was a vibe of familiarity but with no clicks. I picked them solely on their affinity for an inquisitive chat.
  • A vegan-first, vegetarian-second, gluten-free friendly menu. I knew that most of the crowd was vegetarian with some dairy-tummy upsetness. I built most of the food with this in mind and added a last-minute chicken option for whoever wanted it! It’s the details that matter. I will not list all the things I made because that will overwhelm everyone. Let’s just say that 7 people did not need 13 varieties of vegetables… but oh well.
  • I also really didn’t need 5 different flavours of tortillas, but it brought me so much joy. Whole wheat, corn, flour, mini flour and tomato lime habanero. You shoulda seen my smile when I got to announce the options for the tortillas to my guests ❤.
  • I asked everyone to come with a reflection on something interesting they’d…



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