life is especially beautiful when…

Isabella Grandic
2 min readMar 24, 2022
  • you walk around without headphones or AirPod Pros
  • you grin ear to ear and wave with amplified enthusiasm upon seeing a friend
  • you feel excited for the flowers to get hydrated from the rain
  • you make time to read for an hour
  • or to just lay on a yoga mat and breathe
  • you support the dreams of your friends
  • you spend your resources on others
  • buy someone else a coffee. Support someone else’s business.
  • compliment genuinely
  • sleep 8–10 hours
  • listen with your ears and heart
  • you love people the way they want to be loved (which may not be the way you want to)
  • stop judging other people’s opinions
  • unsubscribe to newsletters you don’t read
  • delete apps that drain you
  • don’t agree to plans you know you don’t want to go to
  • wake up before the alarm
  • or at least don’t snooze it
  • you cry when you need to
  • you update your calendar
  • carry your own bags of tea (and share!)
  • see Monday for its potential
  • brush your teeth before you’re tired: so you have space to wind down
  • set your passwords to your goals
  • let other people play their music — you have all of life for your own
  • walk around fully observant in the world.
a moment admiring the world after hydration ❤

Isabella Grandic

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