Lessons from 2020

Isabella Grandic
2 min readDec 31, 2020

The sky is blue, Costco tuxedo cake is incredible, and 2020 wasn’t the year we all planned for. Yup, I know.

I had thrilling plans in store. Interning at IKEA in Sweden, attending the world’s largest AI conference in Saudi Arabia sponsored by Softbank and speaking at SXSW, for example.

This year highlighted the finiteness of life. I’ll never dine at some of my favourite restaurants again. There will inevitably be people I’ll never hear from again. Teenage experiences I may never live through.

Yet, I’m privileged to say this was the most meaningful year of my life. A shut-down world became my opportunity for self-awareness and reflection. I centred my time on long-term creation, building EMM, reducing maternal mortality in rural Africa by 20% by distributing essential medicines and training birth attendants. I got to slow down my life, appreciating people around me and deepening my relationships.

Here’s to the first year of a decade of scientific progress, social and political change 🥂.

This review consists of a few reflections:

  1. Spontaneity
  2. The Currency of Learning
  3. Cost of Distraction
  4. Over Articulation of Authenticity
  5. Momentary Adaptation
  6. Following Up
  7. 2020 favourites (Twitter Thread)

Enjoy the reflections and I hope you have an incredible new year full of growth, learning and kindness.

Izzy Grandic 🦄



Isabella Grandic

Aspiring healthcare infrastructure designer, technologist and scientist.