I was on a TV show — Here’s what I learned about having a successful dance recital

Isabella Grandic
9 min readJul 26, 2019

I was just on set for The Social Movement — a TV show where teams solve social problems. My team was trying to solve for powering the entire world wirelessly… in 4 days. Casually.

Coming out July 2020 on Amazon Prime. Here’s what I learned!

Energy is (obviously) a big problem in the world. It’s also a barrier to solving other issues. If a house has no electricity, children don’t have light do their homework at night. It wouldn’t matter how well-equipped the local school is, without homework and practice, mastering skills is difficult.

If a hospital didn’t have energy, it wouldn’t be able to power the fridges to hold the vaccines.

It’s pretty easy to map out every problem in the world and understand that it requires some principle of energy.

Powering the world [wirelessly] would impact every person and industry.

Like any set of 15–18-year-olds does, we set out to crack wireless energy transfer technology to power the world.

Nikola Tesla began imagining/pioneering this technology way back when, but unfortunately, he died alone and penniless. This guy was a genius. We wanted to get his vision implemented.

Because of the Edison-Tesla rivalry, Tesla left out a lot of details in his patents for the technology, because he didn’t want other people to take credit for it.

And there we were, a group of teenagers, trying to fill in the gaps of Tesla’s brilliantness.

At first, it was extremely ambiguous. The challenge seemed next to impossible. You’ll have to watch the show which comes out in July 2020 to learn about our solution. By the end of the 4 days, we learned that it might not be so impossible after all… 😉.

We had a lot of technical learnings. Before the challenge, most of us didn’t even know what a volt was… yet we left with a strong understanding of Tesla’s vision.

Beyond being a TV star ⭐️, I had so many takeaways, which I thought I’d share, condensed into four meta points. Ready, set, action!!! 🚀

Scene 1: Be Hungry for improvement

I sometimes struggled with motivation during the challenge. Since we were trying to crack a technically tricky problem, with no technical…



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