Honest Review of The Knowledge Society (TKS)

I went through two years of TKS, a human accelerator program for students who want to explore how STEM can solve global challenges.

Isabella Grandic
6 min readMar 5, 2021

Background: I did the program in my sophomore and junior years. I’ve only ever been to public school. I’m a first-generation Canadian. I’m a senior now with an offer to study Human Sciences at Oxford (in the same building where Robert Hooke studied !!!!!!).

I also got the Morehead-Cain (full ride) scholarship to UNC-Chapel Hill, valued at $300,000+ CAD, which is where I am heading next year. That means my return on investment ($10,000 CAD) is 2,900%. I can confidently say I got the scholarship BECAUSE of my experience at TKS.

This post will summarize what I got from the program, who I recommend the program to, and my critiques.

Quick oversight to the most valuable parts of the program:

  1. Two consulting challenges with companies: you work in teams to build a recommendation deck to solve one of their problems.
  2. Access to directors pretty much 24/7. Most are former founders, graduates of top universities, who have worked on difficult challenges (anything from improving semiconductors to enhancing B2B security).
  3. Exclusive guest speakers pretty much every week (noble prize physicists exclusive).
  4. An environment where you’re encouraged to foster your…



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