77 Things That Can Completely Change Your Life

Actions to take to become happier, more productive and kind.

Isabella Grandic


How you train is how you perform.

I love this quote.

If you snooze your alarm every morning, you’re not going to become better at waking up without an alarm.

If you’re unkind to the people around you, you won’t become kinder.

If you’re always late to hand in assignments, you’re not going to become better at not procrastinating.

I’ve spent the past two years relentlessly trying to become a better, kinder and smarter person. One thing I found so notoriously frustrating about self-help books, blogs, etc. was I didn’t know where to start.

I began experiencing the most growth when I started doing small things consistently.

When it comes to action items, I’m like a monkey with a banana. Thrilled and loving life.

Over the years, I’ve tried thousands of things. Here’s a compiled list of 77 small things you can do now.

🗣 Speaking & Conversations

Pause 2 seconds before you speak.

In your head, literally count “one, two.”

Don’t interrupt.

Interrupting, even if you agree with someone, makes them feel unimportant. We all hate getting interrupted. It breaks our train of thought.

But often pause while you speak so others can interrupt you.

There’s nothing we love more than hearing our own voices, so let others hear theirs! Make long, deliberate pauses after your points, in case others want to respond/chime in.

Communicate with pauses and vocal fluctuations.

Have your voice + communication sound “interesting.” To keep the other’s ears engaged, ensure there’s no pattern in your speaking. Keep it interesting. Our ears demand…



Isabella Grandic

Aspiring healthcare infrastructure designer, technologist and scientist.